School of Medical Laboratory Science

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Medical Laboratory Scientists, are scientific fact-finders. Working under a pathologist in a laboratory, they perform the tests on which physicians rely for help in diagnosing and treating disease. They make use of hundreds of scientific procedures that have been devised to disclose the subtle changes that disease produces in the body. Studying organisms and cells under the microscope, analyzing the chemical composition of body fluids and secretions, they ferret out clues to illness that might not be detected any other way.

School of Phlebotomy

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The Phlebotomy Technician Course offered through the Rapides Regional Medical Center School of Phlebotomy is designed to provide students with the knowledge and technical skills needed to perform the tasks of a phlebotomist competently and professionally. It is also designed to enhance interpersonal communications and patient observations.

The main function of a phlebotomist is to obtain patients’ blood specimens by venipuncture and microcollection techniques and to facilitate collection and transportation of these and other clinical laboratory specimens .