Rapides Regional Medical Center is an in-network provider for most insurance plans in the Alexandria area and throughout the state of Louisiana. View our plans below to see if we’re in your network. Because this list can change, please verify that your doctor accepts your insurance plan prior to your appointment.

Managed Care Plan Listing for 2020

Commercial Payor Managed Care Plans

Row Commercial Payor Products Network
1 Aetna (Including Coventry) HMO/PPO In network
2 Beacon PPO In network
3 Blue Cross Blue Shield LA Preferred Care PPO, HMO Louisiana, Federal Employee Program, OGB Pelican, OGB Magnolia Local Plus, OGB Magnolia Open Access In network
4 Blue Cross Blue Shield LA Blue Connect, Community Blue, OGB Magnolia Local, Signature Blue Out of network
5 CIGNA PPO In network
7 First Health PPO In network
8 Gilsbar 360 Alliance PPO In network
9 Humana HMO Premier, PPO, National POS, ChoiceCare PPO, TriCare In network
10 Humana Total Care Advantage HMO, Ochsner HMO, OchsnerPlus Employee PPO, North Oaks ASO Out of network
11 LSU First Choice PPO In network
12 Mississippi Physician Care Network PPO Out of network
13 MultiPlan PPO In network
14 Peoples Health Commercial HMO Out of network
15 Private Healthcare Systems PHCS PPO In network
16 PPOplus/Stratose PPO In network
17 United Healthcare HMO/PPO/POS In network
18 United Behavioral Health Optum UBH In network
19 Vantage HealthPlan HMO/POS In network
20 Verity Healthnet PPO In network

Health Insurance Exchange Plans

Row Health Insurance Exchange Products Network
1 Blue Cross Blue Shield LA Preferred Care PPO, HMO Louisiana In network
2 Blue Cross Blue Shield LA Blue Connect, Community Blue, Signature Blue Out of network
3 Vantage HMO In network

Managed Medicare Plans

Row Managed Medicare Products Network
1 Aetna including Coventry Aetna Medicare Freedom Plan (PPO), Aetna Medicare Advantra (HMO), Aetna Medicare Basics Plan (PPO) In network
2 Allwell (Centene) Allwell Medicare (HMO) Out of network
3 Blue Cross Blue Shield LA Blue Advantage (HMO & PPO) In network
4 Dignity Dignity Health Plan (HMO ISNP) In network
5 Humana Humana Total Care Advantage (HMO); Humana Gold Plus (HMO), HumanaChoice (RPPO), Humana Honor (PPO), Humana Choice (PPO), Humana Value Plus (PPO) In network
6 Humana Gold Plus Diabetes and Heart HMO SNP Out of network
7 People's Health Network (PHN) Peoples Health Choices 65 #14 (HMO), People's Health Secure Choice (HMO DSNP) Out of network
8 UnitedHealthcare AARP Medicare Complete Plan 1 (HMO); AARP MedicareComplete Plan 2 (HMO) In network
9 Vantage AAA8 Vantage BASIC (HMO-POS); AAA4 Vantage TRADITIONAL PLUS (HMO); AAA0 Vantage STANDARD (HMO-POS); AAA1 Vantage PREMIUM (HMO-POS), Vantage Basic (HMO-POS), Vantage Dual Plus (HMO-POS DSNP) In network
10 Wellcare WellCare Value (HMO), Wellcare Compass (HMO), Wellcare Access (HMO DSNP), Wellcare Liberty (HMO DSNP), Wellcare Freedom (HMO DSNP), Wellcare Pinnacle (HMO DSNP) In network

Managed Medicaid Plans

Row Managed Medicaid Products Network
1 Aetna Better Health Managed Medicaid* In network
2 Amerihealth Managed Medicaid In network
3 Healthy Blue (fka Amerigroup) Managed Medicaid In network
4 Humana Managed Medicaid** Out of network
5 Louisiana Healthcare Connection Managed Medicaid* In network
6 UHC Community Plan Managed Medicaid In network

*Plan dropped as part of 2020 RFP, but since RFP awards are in protest, these plans will remain active indefinitely.
**Plan added as part of 2020 RFP, but since RFP awards are in protest, this plan is not yet receiving enrollment.

This list is effective Jan. 1, 2020, but is subject to change at any time and without notice.