Scrappy is a puppy who loves adventure.

Who is Scrappy? He is a 1-year-old Catahoula Cur from Indian Creek who loves hunting rabbits, herding cows and chasing squirrels and his own tail.

One day while he was on an adventure, he noticed a big, noisy helicopter and many people running around trying to help someone. As he got closer, he noticed they were all huddled around a little boy. The little boy had been fishing with his dad, had an accident, and had to take a ride on a helicopter to a place he had never heard of before – a hospital.

Scrappy had never been on a helicopter before, nor had he ever been to the big city of Alexandria. More importantly, Scrappy thought the little boy looked like he needed a friend. So, Scrappy began a new adventure and climbed into the helicopter and laid down next to the little boy. They were all the way in the air before anyone noticed the cute and cuddly Scrappy snuggled up with the patient.

When they arrived at Rapides Regional Medical Center, Scrappy hopped down out of the helicopter onto the helipad … he was so high in the air and could see all the city lights! He then followed the boy down the elevator into the emergency room and stood guard by his door while the doctors and nurses took care of the child.

The boy’s name was Cody. And he was SO GLAD that Scrappy had come with him to the hospital because it made him feel better just knowing Scrappy was there. The doctors and nurses liked having him there, too. Because Scrappy wasn’t just good at making Cody feel better. He was good at making EVERYONE feel better.

Once Cody got better and went home, Scrappy decided to stay at Rapides Regional and take care of ALL of our patients, doctors and employees. He knew his job was important and this made him happy. In fact, our nurses even gave him his own uniform to wear and made a special place for him to sleep. He’s a pretty special dog and that’s why he’s now part of our team.

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