Located on the campus of Rapides Regional Medical Center, Rapides Cancer Center is Central Louisiana's first dedicated radiation therapy facility specializing in both inpatient and outpatient radiation. The cancer center is also home to "Trilogy," an image-guided-radiation therapy machine, one of the most advanced cancer treatment technologies in the country.

The Rapides Cancer Center has been accredited by the Commission on Cancer since 1972. Cancer programs accredited by the Commission on Cancer exceed national quality care standards and provide communities with high-quality, multidisciplinary care based on patient-centered needs. Commission on Cancer programs evolve in response to new diagnostic and treatment modalities, quality assurance and improvement initiatives. Most recently, accreditation focused on improved quality of care and patient outcomes.

By addressing patient-centered needs and delivering quality care measured against national standards, patients and families have access to world-class, cutting-edge and innovative oncology services in their local community.

Our staff provides exceptional care for patients who need outpatient treatment or inpatient treatments. Treatment options include radiation therapy chemotherapy, blood transfusions, lab work, IV antibiotics, and iron infusions. Many procedures, such as bone marrow biopsy, paracentesis, thoracentesis, spinal tap and insertion of central venous catheters are also performed.

At Rapides Cancer Center we offer:

  • The best cancer care close to home
  • Education and support for patients and families through their journey by our oncology nurse navigator
  • A full range of oncology care comprising of prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, wellness and survivorship
  • State-of-the-art genetic diagnosis and counseling, through our partnership with Tulane Medical Center's Hayward Genetics Center
  • Fast diagnosis to treatment times
  • Specialized surgical oncologists who offer the latest minimally-invasive robotic surgery options
  • Multi-disciplinary cancer case conferences that bring Rapides Regional Medical Center's physicians together to discuss treatment plans on a weekly basis
  • A state-of-the-art outpatient facility and a dedicated inpatient oncology unit
  • Breast cancer and breast imaging services