Facing a cancer diagnosis is a daunting challenge, but patients at Rapides Cancer Center should know they are receiving the most comprehensive and compassionate treatment including clinical trials, outpatient treatments and support.

Located on the campus of Rapides Regional Medical Center, Rapides Cancer Center is Central Louisiana’s first dedicated radiation therapy facility specializing in both inpatient and outpatient radiation. The cancer center is also home to “Trilogy,” an image-guided-radiation therapy machine, one of the most advanced cancer treatment technologies in the country. Plus, our staff includes a board-certified radiation oncologist with three decades of cancer-fighting experience, a medical radiation physicist, radiation therapists, a social worker, a dosimetrist and an in-house biomedical engineer.

Patients looking for education and support will find it here, as well. The American Cancer Society’s “Cancer Resource Center” is located in the Rapides Cancer Center lobby.  The Cancer Resource Center provides a collection of the most up-to-date literature, as well as information on local and national tools for managing treatment and recovery, finding emotional support, and coping with physical side effects. Wigs, hats, and scarves are available.