Hybrid Operating Room Means Safer, More Precise Procedures and Surgeries

 Rapides Regional Medical Center offers a hybrid operating room that combines a heart catheterization lab with a radiology suite with an operating room, providing flexibility to optimize procedures in a surgical setting. The $2.8 million addition will allow cardiovascular surgeons, cardiologists and electrophysiologists to address a wide array of structural issues with the heart.

The hybrid OR offers state-of-the art imaging capabilities in a sterile operating room. It is an ideal environment for surgeons, interventional radiologists, cardiologists and electrophysiologists to combine their individual skills and expertise.

The immediate benefit of the hybrid OR for patients is it allows for surgical and endovascular procedures to be the performed in the same room. This eliminates the need to move patients from one room to another and maximizes surgical efficiency. It further reduces the need for multiple episodes of anesthesia and provides surgeons and cardiologists with enhanced options during procedures. And, if the need arises during an interventional procedure for traditional surgery, there is no need to move the patient.

Procedures that take place in the hybrid OR include:

  • TAVR – Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (make this a link to TAVR)
  • Convergence – A collaborative effort between a cardiac surgeon and an electrophysiologist to effectively treat patients with chronic atrial fibrillation.
  • TCAR – TransCarotid Artery Revascularization. This is a hybrid approach to carotid revascularization that reduces the risk of stroke. It combines the protection of surgery with the benefits of a less invasive procedure.
  • Minimally invasive heart implants designed to reduce the risk of strokes that originate in the left atrial appendage.