Day Surgery

Patient Information

The night before surgery

  1. Eat a light supper.
  2. Do not take any drugs except those prescribed by your doctor.
  3. Do not drink any beverage containing alcohol.
  4. Take a shower or tub bath both the night before surgery and the morning of surgery.
  5. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight - not even water.
  6. Notify your doctor by 8:00 p.m. if you develop a fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, unusual pain, congestion or an unexpected problem.

The morning of surgery

  1. Follow your doctor’s instructions regarding medications the morning of your surgery.
  2. Bring your home medications in the original containers with you.
  3. Do not eat or drink anything, unless you are instructed to do so. Failure to follow these instructions may cause your surgery to be canceled.
  4. Do not smoke, chew gum or chew tobacco!
  5. Brush your teeth, but do not swallow any of the water.
  6. Do not wear facial make-up or nail polish. If you have acrylic nails, please remove at least one nail so we can better monitor your oxygen level during your procedure.
  7. Please bring a container for your contact lenses or eyeglasses.
  8. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes such as a jogging suit. The hospital will provide a gown for surgery.
  9. Leave all valuables at home including jewelry, credit cards and large sums of money. The hospital cannot assume responsibility for lost valuables.
  10. Bring with you a “Care Partner.” This is a responsible adult who will be able to drive you home after you are discharged.
    • All minors (18 years of age and under) must be accompanied by one parent or legal guardian.
    • Children should not come with you.
  11. You may want to bring a book to read.
  12. If you have a child scheduled to have surgery, please bring a bottle or cup that he/she likes to drink from. And, if needed, please bring diapers and wipes for your child. Also, bring his/her pacifier and/or a favorite toy or blanket that may comfort your child.
  13. To prepare you for surgery, you will be asked:
    • To sign admitting and consent forms.
    • To remove all clothing/jewelry and put on a hospital gown.
  14. On the morning of surgery, you may take your blood pressure, heart or seizure medications with a small sip of water.

After surgery

  1. Following surgery, you may be taken to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit until you are stable. Afterwards, you will return to Day Surgery until time for discharge.
  2. Your Care Partner will be able to stay with you when you return.
  3. Prior to discharge, you will be given home care instructions. Please follow them closely
  4. If you have any questions about your condition after you return home, you should contact your physician or the hospital Emergency Department at (318) 769-5000.


  1. Charges will vary according to the type of procedure and your length of stay.
  2. In addition to your hospital bill, you will receive separate bills for the services of your physician, anesthesiologist, pathologist (if lab tests are ordered) and radiologists (if X-rays are ordered).