Birth Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will it take to receive my Baby's Birth Certificate?
    • It will take about 4 months for you to receive your Baby's Birth Certificate from Vital Records. Contact Vital Records at (504) 593-5100 if you do not receive a Birth Certificate or if you want to check the status of you Baby's Birth Certificate.
  2. How long will it take to receive my Baby's Social Security Card?
    • It will take about 4 months for you to receive your Baby's Social Security Card. Look for it to arrive shortly after you receive the birth certificate. Contact the Social Security Office at (877) 876-3171 if you do not receive a Social Security Card for your baby.
  3. How does my Baby’s Birth Announcement get in the Newspaper?
    • The Birth Certificate Clerk will provide you with a form to complete and sign. Then, we will submit the information to The Town Talk. This is optional. If you wish to not have your Baby's Birth Announcement in the newspaper, then you will sign the form declining this option.
  4. Why does the birth certificate clerk ask so many personal questions about me and my delivery?
    • All of the questions that are asked by the Birth Certificate Clerk are required by law. The information is used for statistics for Louisiana and the federal government. For example, you might have read statistics on Moms and Babies where they state that 40% of babies born in Louisiana last year were born to first-time Moms, or 20% of the Moms that delivered last year smoked during their pregnancy. The reason for gathering so much personal information from Moms is so that healthcare organizations can focus on the areas where they need to provide better education to pregnant women and produce better outcomes for both Mom and Baby.
  5. What is an Acknowledgement of Paternity?
    • This is a form required bu Louisiana Law to acknowledge paternity if Mom and Dad are not married. If you are not married, this allows you to put the father's last name on the birth certificate. Both Mom and Dad sign the Acknowledgement of Paternity form. If it is not signed by both Mom and Dad, then the Baby will carry the Mom's last name.
  6. Why does the baby have to carry my husband's last name if I'm married and/or separated from my husband and the baby's father is not my husband?
    • Lousiana Law does not permit a married Mom to list someone other than her husband on the baby's birth certificate unless a Third Party Acknowledgement is signed by Mom, Husband and Father. Only then can the baby carry the Father's last name.
  7. Why does the baby have to carry my ex‐husband’s last name if I’m legally divorced?
    • According to Louisiana Law, a Mom must be divorced for 300 days, otherwise the baby will carry her ex-husband's last name. A Third Party Acknowledgement can be signed by Mom, ex-Husband and Father so that the baby can carry the Father's last name.
  8. What are some of the things that may delay me receiving my Baby's Birth Certificate and Social Security Card?
    • Uf you do not sign your Baby's Birth Certificate promptly, or if the Baby's Father does not sign the Acknowledgement of Paternity promptly you can expect delays. Occasionally, we find an error while processing your Baby's birth certificate after you are discharged from the hospital. We may need to call you and/or Father to re-sign paperwork. Please be aware that any delay on your part will cause a delay in further processing the Birth Certificate.
  9. What do I do if I find an error on my Baby's Birth Certificate when it arrives?
    • Although the Birth Certificate Clerk and parents double check the paperwork prior to submission to Vital Records, errors do occasionally occur. Please follow the instructions on the letter that comes with your Birth Certificate if you find an error.
  10. What do I do if I have changed my mind about my Baby's name or the Baby's Father wants to acknowledge my Baby and we want the Baby's last name changed?
    • If you have signed all of your paperwork, have been discharged from the hospital and we have submitted your information to Vital Records, you will need to contact Vital Records at (504) 593-5100 to make any changes.
  11. Will I receive any type of Birth identification form upon discharge from the hospital?
    • You will receive a document with your Baby's birth information and footprints after all Birth Certificate paperwork is complete. In addition, you will also receive a Birth Verification form that you will need if you are applying for the Louisiana WIC program