Tom Blair

As an auto technician for Porsche for 25 years, Tom Blair spent years working on some of the finest precision machines known to man.

Yet, when his own precision instrument – his heart -- began sending signals something was wrong, Blair proved to be a typical man.

“I ignored it,” he said.

Seven years ago, Blair experienced chest pains while his wife was out of town. After about 20 minutes, the pain went away.

After two weeks of this, Blair finally went to see his family doctor, Michael Screpetis, M.D.

Blair told Dr. Screpetis his symptoms and how he thought they were just in his imagination. The look on Screpetis’ face told Blair otherwise.

The next day, Dr. T. Mack Granger performed a quadruple bypass at Rapides Regional Medical Center. After his recovery, Blair said “it was the best I had felt in years.”

Blair returned to work as the manager of Ralph’s Industrial Electronics in less than four weeks.

When he retired for the second time, his wife, Mary, who was a volunteer at Rapides Regional Medical Center, gave him a couple of weeks to enjoy retirement. Then she handed him his red jacket. Now, he volunteers once a week at Rapides Regional.