The Cancer Support Group at Rapides Cancer Center will give central Louisiana residents a chance to get a “behind-the-scenes” look at radiation therapy during its Oct. 21 meeting where we will “Ready, Aim and Beam.”

Sanat Sanghani, M.D., Rapides Cancer Center’s radiation oncologist, said he is often asked: “How do you know where to aim the beam?”

“The idea for this presentation came from the fact that many times, patients have no concept of what radiation treatment includes,” said Sanat Sanghani, M.D., Rapides Cancer Center’s radiation oncologist. “This is their chance to see what goes on behind-the-scenes.”

Sanghani and the Cancer Center staff will demonstrate the process.

“We’ll walk our ‘patient’ through the whole process,” Sanghani said. “We’ll locate the tumor with a CT scan, we will input the data, put together a treatment plan and confirm that the radiation is right on target.”

Often, patients will question – “Are you sure you’re hitting the cancer?”

“This way, we can show them how we use the cone beam CT technology to make sure the beam is going exactly where we want it to go,” Sanghani said. “It is a unique opportunity. I think they will be surprised to see how much goes into one radiation treatment.”

Please join us for this special support group. The meeting begins at noon at Rapides Cancer Center. A light lunch will be served, so pre-registration is required by calling 769-7200 or 769-7258.