Rapides Women’s and Children’s Hospital is adding a new class for moms this August – and this one is specifically for breastfeeding moms returning to work.

“One of the main issues we hear from breastfeeding mothers is keeping their milk supply up to meet the increasing needs of a growing baby – often while they are trying to return to work,” said Kathy Rabalais, RN, MSN, Nursery/W2 Unit Manager at Rapides Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

“Making it Work: Breastfeeding Moms,” will provide mothers with information about management of milk supply, strategies for sustained pumping, storage of milk, pump types and troubleshooting for balancing work and baby’s needs.

The first class is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 8 from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Gallery Room at Rapides Regional Medical Center. The class is free and registration is available by calling 769-4440 or online at rapidesregional.com. Classes will be held every other month.

“As we see the number of breastfeeding moms grow, we know it’s important to provide women with the knowledge, resources and tools they need to be successful,” Rabalais said. “We’ve been offering classes for moms interested in breastfeeding for years, giving them information on how to know when baby is hungry, how to know when baby is eating enough, how to improve a latch or how to hold baby for a good breastfeeding experience.”

This class is intended to support that working mother who wants to continue breastfeeding and needs to know how to fit it into her daily schedule.

Statistics show 68 percent of women in the United States initiate breastfeeding and that number drops to 31 percent at 6 months and to 17 percent at 1 year. Statistics also show that when not working outside the home, breastfeeding percentages are 22 percent at 1 year. For part-time employment, the percentage is 19.2 percent and for women who go back to work full time, the number drops to 10.6 percent.

“This is a great class for women to attend prior to returning to work, or any time after baby’s delivery,” Rabalais said. “It’s a great opportunity to get those last minute questions answered.”

For more information, call 769-4440. Or, for more information about breastfeeding, visit rapidesregional.com