Eight nursing units at Rapides Regional Medical Center have been honored by HCA through its 2017 Units of Distinction awards.

This is the third year HCA has recognized its top nursing units, and the third year Rapides Regional Medical Center has had multiple nursing units honored for their excellence in patient care.

The “Unit of Distinction” designation is achieved through measurable, exemplary performance in the strategic areas of Advocacy and Leadership, Consistency in Nursing Practice and Operations, and Leveraging Scale to Drive Performance. During 2017, 820 HCA Nursing units participated in the program.

Using 23 different criteria, units were scored to determine which would receive the 2017 Unit of Distinction honor, which earns them a spot in the Top 5 percent of all HCA Medical-Surgical and Critical Care hospital units. In addition to the Unit of Distinction recipients, 35 additional units achieved scores ranking them within the Top 10 percent of all HCA Med-Surg and Critical Care units, earning each an “Honorable Mention” designation.

Rapides Regional Medical Center nursing units receiving Units of Distinction honors were:

  • 6A, Joan Dauzat, unit manager
  • 3 West, Christina Blackmon, unit manager
  • 4 South, Dominique Boney, unit manager.

Rapides Regional Medical Center nursing units receiving Honorable Mention designation were:

  • 3A, Maria Whittington, unit manager
  • 4A, Maribel James, unit manager
  • 7A, David Rachal, unit manager
  • 3 East, Debbie Bullock, unit manager
  • Medical ICU, Curtis Hilton, unit manager.

“This is a testament to the quality of care patients receive at Rapides Regional Medical Center,” said Barbara Griffin, MSN, RN, NE-BC, Chief Nursing Officer. “I’m proud of the fact our nursing units have been honored each year of the award. It is a tribute to the hard work of everyone on our staff who care for patients.”

Launched in 2014, the Unit of Distinction Awards are an essential component of HCA’s multifaceted Excellence in Nursing plan. This is the second year for the Unit of Distinction Awards. The company supports each nurse’s professional dedication with a solid foundation of encouragement and an involved environment in order to help them fulfill their potential and further their careers.

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