Richard E. Norem M.D., Chief of Staff

ALEXANDRIA, La., – The Medical Staff of Rapides Regional Medical Center has announced its executive committee for 2020.

Richard Norem, M.D., will serve as Chief of Staff. T. Mack Granger, M.D. will serve as Chief of Staff-Elect.

Serving as members-at-large are Bruce Herrington, M.D., Meyer Kaplan, M.D., and Jeremy Timmer, M.D. Dr. Timmer will rotate off the board in April and Christian Wold, M.D. will take his place on the board.

Other members of the executive committee for 2020 are:

Anesthesia: Darrin Letsinger, M.D.

Cardiology: Naseem Jaffrani, M.D.

Credentials: Lance Templeton, M.D.

Emergency Medicine: James Hebert, M.D.

Family Practice: Michael Madden, M.D.

Hospital Medicine: Keith Ashby, M.D.

Medicine: Rajat Gulati, M.D.

OB-GYN: Gary Manuel, M.D.

Pathology: Michael Miguez, M.D.

Pediatrics: Marvin Mata, M.D.

Radiology: Paul Larson, M.D.

Surgery: Vanda Davidson, M.D.

Performance Improvement Council: Michael Madden, M.D.

Ex-Officio: Jason Cobb, David Rhodes, M.D., Babson Fresh, M.D., and Barbara Griffin.