Patient Portal

Patients who want to be better advocates of their own health should know Rapides Regional Medical Center now offers our patients secure, online access to their hospital information.

This “Patient Portal” is available at, and it’s free.

“Our industry is moving more toward patient-centered information and is offering patients the opportunity to access their own health information in a way that is most convenient for them,” said Jason Cobb, Rapides Regional Medical Center chief executive officer.

By using the Patient Portal, patients can view inpatient hospital records – such as emergency room radiology reports, lab reports, instructions for home care and medication lists.

“It’s free, convenient, private and secure,” Cobb said.

Patients interested in enrolling with Patient Portal can use their own email address, but will need their Medical Record Number to log on for the first time. To obtain a Medical Record Number, patients can call 1-855-870-5350, or review the paperwork provided during the inpatient or emergency department admission process.

For more information, or to sign up, just click the “Patient Portal” button at

“We are excited to offer this online tool,” Cobb said. “I believe it is something all of us will find useful in making more informed healthcare decisions.”