Fever at 3 a.m.? Confused about the directions on your prescription? Wondering whether ice or heat is better for a sprain?

Nurses On-Call is a free health information call center offered by Rapides Regional Medical Center. Here, physician referrals, class scheduling, nurse’s advice and health information can be accessed 24 hours a day seven days a week.Rapides Regional Medical Center has you

 covered, 24/7 – with Nurses On-Call and access to registered nurses around the clock.

“Nurses On-Call is a strong addition to the services we offer at Rapides Regional,” said David Williams, CEO and President of Rapides Regional Medical Center. “We’re pleased to connect residents in Cenla to the resource that delivers the answers and advice they need to make informed decisions about physicians, our hospital and their overall health.

“It’s a complement to our current offerings and enables us to build upon our reputation as Central Louisiana’s first choice for healthcare.”
Nurses On-Call is staffed by registered nurses and customer service representatives. The team refers and transfers callers to physicians’ offices, offers professional health advice, or provides other information.

Nurses On-Call is not meant to replace a visit with your physician, and should not be used in situations that warrant a call to 911.
To access Nurses On-Call, call (318) 769-4440 or 1-877-801-8441.