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RRMC Medical Staff Names 2015 Executive Committee

Craig Pearce, MD

The Medical Staff of Rapides Regional Medical Center has announced its executive committee for 2015.

Craig Pearce, M.D., will continue serving as president with Howard Wold, M.D., serving as vice president. Michael Buck, M.D., is past president.

Serving as members-at-large are John McCabe, M.D., Joel Hall, M.D., and Jeremy Timmer, M.D.

Other members of the executive committee for 2015 are:

  • Anesthesia: Darrin Letsinger, M.D.
  • Cardiology: Naseem Jaffrani, M.D.
  • Emergency Medicine: Eric Daniel, M.D.
  • Family Practice: Michael Madden, M.D.
  • Medicine: Keith Ashby, M.D.
  • OB-GYN: Martin Tanner, M.D.
  • Pathology: Michael Miguez, M.D.
  • Pediatrics: Anil Danivas, M.D.
  • Radiology: Paul Larson, M.D.
  • Surgery: T. Mack Granger, M.D.
  • Credentials: Richard Norem, M.D.
  • Performance Improvement Council: Michael Madden, M.D.
  • Ex-Officio: Jason Cobb, David Rhodes, M.D., Babson Fresh, M.D., Diane Fulton.

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