Family history often plays a critical role in one’s health. While most cancers are not clearly linked to the genes you inherit from your parents, some types of cancer can have a genetic component.

The Rapides Cancer Center now offers genetic testing and counseling to help you understand any possible link in your family history.

Patients can sit down with Genetic Counselors from Tulane University School of Medicine using telemedicine technology.

The counselors will go over your family’s medical history and any lab results you may have. The Genetic Counselors will want information on specific types of cancer that have been diagnosed in your family and the age they were diagnosed. They will also ask about parents, siblings and extended family.

Genetic Counselors will also explain the possibility of an inherited cancer risk, explain the benefits and risks of genetic testing – and put together a testing plan.

Not everyone who sits down with a Genetic Counselor will elect to be tested, but the counselor will be available as a resource during the testing and later down the road

Call the Rapides Cancer Center at (318) 769-7150 for more information.