Paul Burke

Paul Burke is not a smoker. Nor does he have a family history of heart disease.
Yet, in 2009, he kept passing out. Once. Twice.

Finally, Burke experienced a third episode on Father’s Day when he passed out at Sunday School. This time, the Colfax resident was driven to the emergency department at Rapides Regional Medical Center.

That afternoon, he was admitted to the hospital. Cardiologist Norbert Urbanski, M.D., ordered a nuclear stress test for the next day.

Days later, cardiovascular surgeon Chance DeWitt, M.D., performed a triple bypass on Burke.
“I was really surprised,” said Burke. “I thought I might have a (heart) stent. It really surprised me I had a bypass.”

Burke spent three months in cardiac rehab before being cleared to return to work at Dresser Valve Plant.

Today, the 65-year-old Burke continues working at Dresser. He admits to having to change his diet and now eats more fruits and vegetables.

“I’m doing good,” he said. “I just had a checkup and Dr. Urbanski said I was doing great and to keep doing what I’ve been doing.”