Paul Price

Paul Price was about to begin a couch-to-5K running program.

He wasn’t overweight. He didn’t smoke. He worked out regularly. He appeared to be healthy.
Then he visited his family doctor, Jonathan Forester, M.D.

Dr. Forester noted Price’s family history of heart disease and the fact his cholesterol was a little high. Forester recommended Price have a calcium scoring test at Rapides Regional Medical Center.

The results of that test led to cardiologist Ilyas Chaudhry, M.D., who had Price perform a nuclear stress test.

“The nuclear stress test was inconclusive,” said Price. “Dr. Chaudhry said there was one way to find out for sure – to do a heart cath.”

Price’s heart cath may have saved his life.

“After the heart cath, I was about to faint,” he said.

The heart cath showed 95 percent blockage in one vessel.

“I was speechless,” said Price’s wife, Annabelle.

On Feb. 7, 2012, cardiovascular surgeon T. Mack Granger, M.D., performed quadruple bypass surgery on Price.

Price, who just celebrated his 64th birthday, spent 12 weeks in rehab following surgery. Today, he is back to working out regularly at a local health club.

“Dr. Chaudhry told me heredity is the most important contributor” to heart disease, noted Price. “That alone is enough. I never smoked and had not had any symptoms. I never had any warning.”