Linda White

Linda White knew something was wrong.
White, 68, loves to be doing something. Anything, whether keeping her grandsons, or playing ball.

“I never got tired,” she said. “That’s when I knew something was wrong.”
In 2006, she visited her doctor, but the tests came back negative. The next step was a heart cath to see if it could locate the problem. During the procedure, White felt like she was going to jump off the table.

“It was stopping me from breathing,” she said.
The doctors found an aneurysm. A week later, Dr. T. Mack Granger performed heart surgery.

“He’s wonderful, absolutely marvelous,” she said of Granger, who re-made her aorta.

Four years later, White began experiencing the same symptoms as before. She told her cardiologist, Dr. Wesley Davis, something was not right. A heart cath this time showed her aorta valve had calcified.

“Dr. Granger made me a new valve and I’m still here,” she said.

Today, White continues to be active, volunteering at Peabody Montessori School, where her grandsons attend. She greets pupils twice a week as they arrive at school, goes on school trips and helps in the lunch room. 
“She does anything we ask her to do,” said Peabody Principal Rena Linzay. 
“Anytime they need me, I’m there,” White said.
And anytime she has a medical need, White said she knows where she will go.
“I love Rapides. This is MY hospital. I’ve been coming here since I was 17,” she said. “I would not go anywhere else.”