Media Contacts

Rapides Regional Medical Center’s Public Relations/ Business Development Department handles all media requests. We understand the important role the media play in our community, and we are always pleased to assists with interviews, facts, statistics, tours and other company information around the clock. If you are a media representative and need assistance please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

For general questions/information about Rapides Regional Medical Center, please contact us at the below provided resources.

Rapides Regional Medical Center’s Public Relations/Business Development Department Contacts 

Charla Ducote

Vice President of Marketing, Public Relations
and Business Development
Rapides Regional Medical Center
318.769.3157 work
318.623.1994 cell 

Sarah C. Clancy
Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator
Rapides Regional Medical Center
318.769.3138 work
318.613.2728 cell 

John Marcase
Public Relations Specialist
Rapides Regional Medical Center 
318.769.3140 work
318.305.0428 cell